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  • Equine Therapy

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    Equine Therapy To Promote Emotional Well-Being

    Therapists frequently use animals to complement psychotherapy. At Tanglewood Behavioral Health, we offer equine therapy (therapy that includes horses) because we believe that humans and horses have a unique emotional connection that can help open the line of communication during therapy sessions. Equine therapy is intended to create a safe, low-pressure environment to relieve stress that may occur during one-on-one talk therapy sessions.

    What Equine-Assisted Therapy Involves

    Equine-assisted therapy incorporates horses into therapy sessions to create space for people to communicate their emotions without feeling judged. During these sessions, the person can explore their feelings and practice empathy, emotional regulation, and social skills while feeding, leading, or grooming the horse. Other approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, may be used in conjunction with equine therapy.

    Benefits of Horse-Assisted Counseling

    • Equine-assisted therapy can build trust, self-esteem, and a sense of self-worth, which benefits individuals with trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. The advantages of incorporating horses into psychotherapy include the following:
    • Emotional growth – Horses are sensitive to human emotions. Engaging with horses can create a safe space to talk about feelings and thoughts and improve emotional awareness.
    • Learning healthy attachment patterns – Interacting with horses can allow people to explore how they behave in relationships. This provides insight and the chance to relearn healthy attachment patterns.
    • Stress reduction – Being outdoors and caring for horses can reduce stress and promote calmness.
    • Empowerment – Caring for and working alongside horses fosters a sense of responsibility and confidence that can be helpful in other parts of life.

    This type of therapy does not generally involve therapeutic horseback riding and instead focuses on caring for the horse to promote emotional well-being.

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