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  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Emotional Healing

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    Accelerated resolution therapy (ART) is a rapid-resolution therapy approach that aims to help individuals work through trauma, depression, anxiety, and stress-related conditions using eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and guided imagery. Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group implements accelerated resolution therapy in PTSD treatment and other trauma therapy settings to facilitate emotional healing.

    What Is Accelerated Resolution Therapy?

    Accelerated resolution therapy combines elements of EMDR, CBT, and guided imagery. ART uses rapid eye movements (like those experienced during REM sleep) to help process and resolve distressing emotions and memories. Many ART clients have reported significant improvements within just a few sessions, which is beneficial for individuals seeking rapid relief from distressing symptoms. ART involves the following steps.


    One of our trained therapists will identify the individual’s goals for therapy and the issues they want to address. We will detail the specific memories or emotions causing distress in the person’s life.


    During this step, the client focuses on the traumatic or painful memories while their therapist directs them to engage in a series of eye movements. This can reduce the intensity of the emotions experienced along with the memories.


    After desensitization, the client is encouraged to reinterpret their experiences in an adaptive way to further reduce distress.


    The client will learn to integrate the newly processed information into their sense of self to encourage healing and moderate stress.

    Moreover, these steps don’t involve the client verbalizing their trauma. By eliminating this requirement, ART proves to be an effective approach for anyone who has difficulty talking about their traumatic experiences.

    We’re Here to Support You

    Contact the therapists at Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group if you or a loved one is seeking mental health care or trauma therapy in Houston, TX. We offer compassionate psychotherapy services, including accelerated resolution therapy for trauma resolution. Reach out to learn more and schedule an appointment with a trained therapist.