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  • Evidence-Based Gottman Relationship Therapy for Communication and Conflict Resolution

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    Relationship therapy is essential for couples to express their thoughts and feelings and work through problems in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Counseling can enhance communication between spouses, help resolve conflicts, and create more fulfilling relationships. Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group offers Gottman relationship therapy, a respected, evidence-based approach to couples’ counseling. Our therapists believe that this highly effective method can foster relationship enrichment and growth.

    What Is Gottman Relationship Therapy?

    Gottman relationship therapy aims to resolve conflicts and improve the quality of relationships. Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman based this approach on their Sound Relationship House theory, a theory that a relationship is like a home with a foundation of intimacy, emotional connection, communication, and trust. When one or more of these pillars are disrupted, it’s imperative to restore and strengthen these elements.

    Some tools used in Gottman relationship therapy include the following:

    • The Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy Assessment – This in-depth assessment of the couple’s emotional dynamics, conflicts, and communication patterns provides insight to tailor treatment to the unique needs of the couple.
    • Focusing on improving communication skills – Our trained therapist will guide the couple in sharing their feelings and expressing their needs in a productive way. Gottman relationship therapy emphasizes active listening and avoiding destructive communication patterns like criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.
    • Building and maintaining emotional connections – With this approach, the couple can find a sense of shared meaning in the relationship and maintain a strong, positive, affectionate partnership.

    Gottman relationship therapy equips couples with tools and strategies that allow partners to understand each other and address issues undermining their relationship. Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group is proud to use this approach to encourage healthier, more fulfilling partnerships.

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