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  • Imago Relationship Therapy

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    Imago Relationship Therapy

    Imago relationship therapy (IRT) is a specific style of therapy designed to help identify deep wounds that trigger conflict in relationships and help transform conflict into opportunities for healing and growth.

    The term imago is Latin for “image” and in the IRT context, it refers to one’s “unconscious image of familiar love.”

    How Was IRT Developed?

    IRT was developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. Each had experienced a painful divorce in their past and they sought to find resources to help them understand relationship dynamics. They built from their own experiences and clinical knowledge to research and develop an evidence-based model of relationship therapy.

    IRT can be helpful outside of relationships to help individuals learn about and heal deep, childhood wounds or triggers that might be affecting their relationships.

    What Can IRT Help With?

    IRT can help with:

    • Communication challenges
    • Recurring conflict
    • Feelings of disconnection
    • Lack of intimacy
    • Infidelity
    • Trust

    IRT can help couples in all stages of their relationship, from dating, premarital counseling, to those who have been together for decades.

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    Sessions are 75 to 90 minutes and $250. Insurance not accepted for relationship counseling.