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    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group Service Areas

    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group provides various therapy services, including group therapy, individual therapy, relationship therapy, and more. We can help treat those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, bipolar disorder, and other conditions. Our team knows that moving through life with these conditions can be challenging, and we offer compassionate care and fully support you on your path to healing.

    Behavioral Health Treatment Services

    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group is a mental health clinic providing psychotherapy, counseling, and mental health care services. We can help with the following:

    Therapy for Seniors

    We offer a full-service therapy program for older patients. Our caregivers use cognitive-behavioral therapy for seniors and implement brain games for those with dementia. This program provides social companionship and can help support older adults living in private nursing homes.

    Group Therapy

    We have group therapy sessions that focus on:


    Individual Therapy

    Our individual therapy options include the following:

    Relationship Therapy

    Our therapists use the following approaches for relationship counseling:

    Therapy for Mood Disorders

    We use effective psychotherapy techniques to help individuals navigate their unique challenges, including:

    Our Service Areas

    Tanglewood Behavior Health Group is located in Houston, Texas. We offer in-person appointments for individuals in the following cities:

    We are also licensed to provide telehealth services in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

    Reach Out for Compassionate Care

    Contact the team at Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group if you or a loved one is seeking mental health care in Houston, TX, or a nearby city. We can also support you remotely via telehealth services. See if you are in our service area and schedule an appointment at our psychotherapy clinic. We’ll work together on your path to healing and wellness.