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  • Group Therapy

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    Group Therapy

    Group therapy differs from individual therapy by holding therapeutic sessions in a group setting, run by a trained facilitator, rather than one-on-one settings. Groups give you the unique experience of connecting with others with shared experiences, and understand what you are going through.

    Why Choose Group Therapy?

    Group therapy can be an affordable alternative to traditional one-on-one therapy, and some groups may be covered by your insurance.

    Learn More About Our Services

    View our groups below and contact us with any questions, or to sign up.

    Ongoing and Upcoming Groups

    Read more about our upcoming and ongoing groups below. Pre-registration is required for all groups.

    Rising Strong (TM)

    This group is for women only and who are beginning to enter a new chapter of life. Explore themes of shame, vulnerability, and trust in this closed group. 

    Identity in Adolescence

    Is your teen struggling with a major life transition? This open group will help teens navigate a complex world and learn to show up authentically. 

    I-CBT for OCD

    This open group will use Inference-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Exposure and Response prevention to challenge OCD. 

    Love Big - Polyamory group

    If you are a couple or a single person wanting to learn more about polyamory, this open group is for you. Includes a monthly "Poly-101" information session. 

    Food and Feelings

    This closed group will use the Food and Feelings (TM) protocol to help you overcome emotional and binge eating. 

    Trans Youth Support Group

    This group will offer a safe space for trans youth to get and give support and work with a professional to help learn skills needed to navigate a sometimes hostile world.