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  • Mediation

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    Find Harmony With Our Supportive Mediation Services

    Interpersonal conflicts can negatively affect every aspect of a person’s life, and it may be difficult to resolve certain disputes alone. At Tanglewood Behavioral Health, we provide mediation services to foster healthy communication, understanding, and collaboration within relationships. Our therapists support families and individuals as they navigate challenging conversations, and we help them discover common ground to find peaceful resolutions. 

    Conflict Resolution Through Mediation 

    Our mediation process is designed to bring balance and harmony to relationships. We create an empathetic space that encourages people to have open conversations with support from a trained therapist. A mediation session may include the following: 

    • Open dialogue – Our therapist will hold space for an open, respectful conversation where people can share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. 
    • Active listening – By actively listening to each person in the session, providing positive feedback, and validating emotions, our therapist will create a foundation for productive discussions where everyone feels heard.  
    • Exploring solutions – Participants are encouraged to find common ground and explore options to resolve their conflicts together. 
    • Mutual agreement – Our therapist will guide participants to mutually beneficial agreements after establishing common ground. These solutions will be unique to the needs of the participants. 

    We aim to create a nurturing environment to help individuals heal and grow in their relationships. Whether you’re facing family disputes, romantic relationship challenges, or workplace conflicts, our mediation services can help you find solutions. 

    Turn to Us for Empathetic Mediation Services 

    Contact Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group to learn how our mediation services can help resolve conflicts, improve emotional well-being, and enrich relationships. We can guide you on your journey toward peaceful resolutions and harmony. We also offer telehealth services in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.