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  • A Supportive Mental Health Clinic Helping Clients in Webster, TX

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    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group offers various therapy services for individuals in the Webster, Texas, area. Our mental health clinic helps clients with PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, OCD, and more. We believe that personal growth and effective mental health care require a safe, supportive space where individuals can freely express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Our therapists create this space for each client and provide non-judgmental care to guide individuals toward healing and mental well-being.

    Our Therapy Modalities

    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group offers various behavioral health treatment options for each client’s unique needs. We can help with the following:

    Therapy for Seniors

    Our mental health professionals use cognitive-behavioral therapy and employ brain games when treating older adults with dementia. We can also offer social companionship for clients in private nursing homes.

    Mood Disorder Therapy

    Our counseling center provides support for the following:

    • Anxiety
    • Self-esteem
    • Trauma
    • Depression
    • PTSD
    • EMDR

    Group Therapy Sessions

    Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group holds different group therapy sessions, including therapy for:

    • Identity in adolescence
    • Rising Strong™ therapy for women
    • Polyamory
    • OCD
    • Trans support
    • Food and feelings (binge eating)
    • Improv for teens with social anxiety

    Individual Therapy Options

    We offer the following for our individual therapy sessions:

    Relationship Therapy

    To support families, couples, and other relationships, we offer:

    • Imago relationship therapy
    • Gottman relationship therapy
    • Play therapy

    In addition to our in-person appointments at our psychotherapy clinic, we offer telehealth services. We are licensed to provide virtual sessions in Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

    Contact Our Compassionate Team

    If you’re seeking empathetic support on your mental health journey, reach out to Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group. Our mental health clinic serves clients in the Webster, TX, area. Reach out to learn more and schedule an appointment.