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  • Supportive Senior Therapy Services in Houston, TX

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    If you’re an older person looking for therapy or a concerned loved one or caregiver seeking support for a family member or patient, Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group can help you. Our trained therapists offer senior therapy services for individuals in Houston, Texas, and we would be honored to support you or your family. We provide a safe space for older patients to explore their emotions and find coping strategies to navigate this stage of their lives.

    Compassionate Therapy for Seniors

    The clinicians at Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group understand that older adults have unique life events that can affect their mental health, including losing loved ones, retiring, and declining health. Our therapists are trained in senior therapy services and can help individuals navigate these life transitions, offer support for age-related health concerns, and help them manage loneliness.

    Social Companionship

    As people get older, they need to maintain social connections to ensure emotional well-being and happiness. Our concierge therapy includes social companionship services designed to provide social support for older people and enhance their quality of life. The therapists at Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group can provide the following to our senior clients:

    • Have stimulating conversations and share stories
    • Play brain games together
    • Accompany them at social events
    • Participate in activities that bring joy

    Aging is an opportunity for growth, and our clinicians seek to empower individuals to navigate life with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

    Contact Us To Schedule an Appointment

    Reach out to Tanglewood Behavioral Health Group to find out more about our senior therapy services for individuals in Houston, TX. We would be happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment with one of our therapists. We offer in-person therapy as well as convenient teletherapy appointments.